Thanks to Our Student Leadership

AAHA is able to support quality educational programs at 35 veterinary student chapters in the U.S., Canada and West Indies thanks to the hard work of our academic liaisons, practice liaisons and student officers.

Academic Liaisons teach at the school they represent and support their school’s AAHA student chapter. Practice Liaisons are AAHA-accredited veterinary professionals that provide educational and networking opportunities for the student chapters they represent. Student officers lead the charge for AAHA at each school and spend countless hours teaching students about AAHA’s benefits and resources, in addition to providing excellent educational opportunities for student chapter members.

The Association would like to recognize the contributions of these individuals who continually help us raise the bar on the services, benefits and resources offered to students:

Atlantic Veterinary College
Kira Kate Penney President
Marlene Densmore Vice President
Dr. Hans Gelens Academic Liaison
Auburn University
Elisabeth Peterman President
Megan Kilgore Vice President
Keri Grace Secretary
Kacy Craig Treasurer
Dr. John MacDonald Academic Liaison
Colorado State University
Miranda Byrne President
Dan Bucy Vice President
Haverly Coy Secretary
Andrea Weiss Treasurer
Dr. Michael Lappin Academic Liaison
Cornell University
Andrea Tu Past President
Ingrid Rhinehart President
Meaghan Eren Vice President
Heather Vaught Treasurer
Dr. William James Brown Practice Liaison
Dr. Carolyn McDaniel Academic Liaison
Iowa State University
Vanessa Fraseur President
Raven Klone Vice President
Justina Conrad Secretary
Bailey Wilberts Treasurer
Dr. Lin Kauffman Academic Liaison
Kansas State University
Lindsey Smith President
Amy Auch Vice President
Chelsie Burden Secretary
Charles Coats Treasurer
Dr. Kenneth Harkin Academic Liaison
Louisiana State University
Julie Hartfield President
Kelly Franklin Secretary
Dr. Dennis McCurnin Academic Liaison
Michigan State University
Poorna Chowdry President
Stephanie Harrier Vice President
Lindsey Candey Secretary
Dr. Cheri Johnson Academic Liaison
Mississippi State University
Liz Ezelle President
Michelle Arnold Secretary/Treasurer
Jessica Seratt Student Rep
Kaysey Burns Student Rep
Dr. Mark Russak Academic Liaison/Practice Liaison
North Carolina State University
Joan Hunt President
Bobbi McQuown Vice President
Sara Gumbiner Secretary
Karen McIntyre Treasurer
Dr. Kate Crumley Practice Liaison
Dr. Laurel Williams Academic Liaison
Ohio State University
Miranda Vieson President
Meagan Williams Treasurer
Marissa Hofstetter Student Rep
Dr. George Norris Practice Liaison
Dr. Michelle Harcha Academic Liaison
Oklahoma State University
Deseree Brown President
Jana Bone Vice President
Katie Cope Secretary
Amy Edwards Treasurer
Dr. Kenneth Bartels Academic Liaison
Ontario Veterinary College
Trish Kirby Student Rep
Chelsey Davey Student Rep
Jessica Swan Student Rep
Lindsey Patton Student Rep
Dr. John Tait Academic Liaison/Practice Liaison
Oregon State University
Kelly Dickinson President
Megan Nakagawa Vice President
Ruth McDevitt Secretary
Danielle Schaefer Treasurer
Dr. Gregg Takashima Practice Liaison
Dr. Wendy Baltzer Academic Liaison
Purdue University
Mark Petersmann President
Dr. Larry McAffee Practice Liaison
Dr. Craig Thompson Academic Liaison
Ross University
Melissa McGrath President
Vanessa Ali Vice President
Jenica Gorman Secretary
Jennifer DiMascio Treasurer
Dr. Melissa Fisher Faculty
St. George's University
Jennifer Lopez President
Shauna Anderson Vice President
Steve Kaylor Secretary
Cynthia Copeland Treasurer
Dr. John McCarthy Practice Liaison
Dr. Tara Paterson Academic Liaison
St. Matthews University
Kimberly Agnew President
Christine Winslow Vice President
Jacklyn Denise Johns Secretary
Jesse Leith Treasurer
Dr. Tiffany Durzi Academic Liaison
Texas A&M University
Ashley Loven President/Treasurer
Matthew Charney Secretary
Sarah Pike Vice President
Amanda Roge Student Rep
Dr. Amy Vogt Practice Liaison
Dr. Deb Zoran Academic Liaison
Tufts University
Kristie Lane President
Christina Furick Secretary/Vice President
Emily Finn Treasurer/Vice President
Dr. Andrea Moolenbeek Practice Liaison
Dr. Elizabeth Rozanski Academic Liaison
Tuskegee University
Marica Montgomery President
Rachel Roby Vice President
Susan Haver Treasurer
Dr. Robert Speight Practice Liaison
Dr. Pamela Guy Academic Liaison
University of California, Davis
Omar Cabrera President
Melissa Ahumada Secretary
Sherry Jung Treasurer
Robin Chadwin Vice President
Dr. Tom Kendall Practice Liaison
Dr. Donald Klingborg Academic Liaison
University of Florida
Sandra Hiemenz President
Jennifer Smugeresky Vice President
Cynthia Jeyapaul Student Rep
Romina Hennig Student Rep
Dr. Link Welborn Practice Liaison
Dr. Cynda Crawford Academic Liaison
University of Georgia
Amelia White President

Andrew Quesada

Vice President
Angel Pineda Secretary
Maggi Pigram Treasurer
Dr. JoAnne Roesner Practice Liaison
Dr. Amie Koenig Academic Liaison
University of Illinois
Charlie Deutsch President
Adrienne DiPietro Vice President
Deanna Baker Secretary
Sarah Dowling Treasurer
Dr. J.B. Bruederle Practice Liaison
Dr. Julie Byron Academic Liaison
University of Minnesota
Andrew Bean President
Andrea Astudillo Vice President
Pimploy Jongchirawongsa Secretary
Jessica Goldberg Treasurer
Dr. Katherine Knutson Practice Liaison
Dr. Carl Osborne Academic Liaison
University of Missouri
Kelvin Urday President
Jamie Holland President-Elect
Christine Nagel Secretary
Kimberly Hause Treasurer
Dr. Craig Tockman Practice Liaison
Dr. Kimberly Selting Academic Liaison
University of Montreal
Marie Eve Genereux President
Vickie Gauthier Vice President
Sarah Bernard Secretary
Emily Bond Treasurer
Amanda Nuzzi Treasurer
Dr. Myriam De Carufel Academic Liaison
University of Pennsylvania
Robert Proietto President
Bradley Rosato Vice President
Laura Bahorich Secretary
Michelle Zappacosta Treasurer
Dr. Michael Moyer Practice Liaison
Dr. Mary Bryant Academic Liaison
University of Tennessee
Emily Pearman Co-President
Elizabeth Lewis Co-President
Jennifer Bean Secretary
Kristen Hughes Treasurer
Dr. Jennifer Stokes Academic Liaison
University of Wisconsin
Trina Steffen President
Megan MacPhail Vice President
Daniel Heinrich Secretary
Dr. Nan Boss Practice Liaison
Dr. Rosemary Henik Academic Liaison
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
Ashley Manari President
Ashley Smith Secretary
Kristen Shackleford Treasurer
Kiley Walawender Vice President
Dr. Mark Epstein Practice Liaison
Dr. Martha Larson Academic Liaison
Washington State University
Maureen Jay President
Amy Joynt Vice President
Heather Matz Secretary
Katherine Rolando Treasurer
Dr. Harmon Rogers Academic Liaison
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
Lindsey Kurach President
Evan Crawford Vice President
Gwenda Olson Secretary
Jessica Fung Treasurer
Dr. Anthony Carr Academic Liaison
Western University
Veronica Bingamon President
Peyvand Mirzadeh Vice President
Avery Krein Secretary
Kayla Corriveau Treasurer
Dr. Thomas Carpenter Practice Liaison
Dr. Elizabeth Boynton Academic Liaison
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